The Finest Soap Holder/Scrubber/Exfoliator 
 Soap Holder/Scrubber  +  Hand Crafted Natural Soap  = Ultimate Exfoliator
                          Easy to load soap * Holds soap tight * No more wasted soap                               
        Our soap holder/ scrubber gently exfoliates your body and holds any size soap or
        shape of soap, which is unique. It is a soap holder, body scrubber/ exfoliator in one!
        Combined with our all natural handcrafted soaps- free of chemicals,dyes and 
        perfumes soaps - offers a refreshingly clean product for you and your family.

 Pure Steamed Distilled          Pure Essential Oil                 Essential Oil
        Essential Oils                  Massage Oils               Massage  Blends                          
                 Our essential oils are from all over the world from distillers that protect the
                 environment and ensure thier oils are steam distilled without detergents,
                  sulfates, alcohol or sugar solutions.
             Our specially designed clay diffusers slowly heat the oils that allow you to
                  enjoy the fragrance and benifits of our Pure Steamed Distilled oils.
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                                          Made in the USA